6 sentences with «quite»

« "Dealing with that complex situation was quite an accomplishment in my career," says Ms. Gorkis. »
« As noted above, the kingdom itself was quite wealthy, thanks to its good position on the trade routes and the existence of gold mines, but Solomon's continual fiscal and labour demands were such that in time resentment developed among the Hebrews. »
« It is quite possible that, despite this victory, the Greeks would still have been overwhelmed by the Persians had it not been for the setbacks in Persia and its empire. »
« Critics claimed that it was impossible for him to have gone as far north as he claimed, because northern Greece was quite cold and there was no way humans could live further north than that. In practice, despite Pytheas' journey, the Greek world would still be defined by the shores of the Mediterranean. »
« Antony and Cleopatra's forces were already quite dispersed and weak from a disastrous campaign against the Persians a few years earlier. »
« Nero (r. 54 - 68 CE) was another Julian who acquired a terrible historical reputation; although he was quite popular during his early years as emperor, he eventually succumbed to a Caligula-like tendency to have elite Romans (including his domineering mother) killed. »

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