6 sentences with «yellow»

« Our base paints had been yellow," Flora says, "but I knew from conversations with customers that they would prefer it light gray. »
« -We know that the yellow in diamonds is caused by a small nitrogen content and the blue by boron and hydrogen," says Kim, "but the pink is a mystery. »
« Because every time I look at the famous Batman logo, what I see is an open mouth with strange yellow teeth, incisors at the top and molars at the bottom. »
« Biochemist Terrance Leighton claims that red grapes, yellow and red onions, broccoli and yellow squash contain quercetin in high concentrations, which is very beneficial to our health. »
« By the time the yellow hut was in excellent condition, we had to return home. Eventually, like my mother, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the effort. »
« The first symptoms began to appear in the 1960s in the Black Forest. The needle-like leaves of a Norway spruce turned yellow, fell off, and then the whole tree died. The disease, then unknown, spread. »

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