6 sentences with 'negative'

Example sentences and phrases with the word negative and other words derived from it.

« Fortunately, the biopsies I had for cancer screening were negative. »
« "If it's negative feedback, offer it in terms of a positive proposition," the expert advises. "Instead of blasting your boss that your idea is no good, tell him or her, 'This way you could get better results.'" »
« Now do an experiment: do something that goes against every negative reaction. »
« Threatening your partner's sense of emotional security will only have negative effects, and you will not feel good yourself. »
« Even today, the phenomenon of lightning is the cause of the planet retaining its negative charge, and helps to produce certain nitrogen compounds essential for the growth of almost all plants. »
« One area that had an obvious negative impact on medieval women was that their work was never done - a man's working day ended when he returned from the fields, but a woman always had work to be done at home. »

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