Sentences with 'nullification'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nullification and other words derived from it.

« The resolutions introduced the idea of nullification, the right of states to nullify acts of Congress, and advanced the states' rights argument. However, the resolutions failed to gain the support of other states. In fact, most states rejected them, citing the need for a strong national government. »
« The theory of nullification, or nullification of unwanted federal laws, provided wealthy slaveholders, who were a minority in the United States, with an argument for resisting the national government if it acted against their interests. »
« On the question of nullification, South Carolina stood alone. Other southern states backed away from what they saw as the extremism behind the idea. »
« The nullification crisis illustrated the growing tensions in American democracy: an aggrieved minority of wealthy, elitist slaveholders opposing the will of the democratic majority; an emerging sectional divide between the South and the North over slavery; and a clash between those who believed in free trade and those who believed in protective tariffs to foster the nation's economic growth. »

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