8 sentences with 'cars'

Example sentences and phrases with the word cars and other words derived from it.

« In Malaysia, citizens dream of the three C's: cars, condos and credit. »
« He let two cars pass, and then, inexplicably, he drove straight into the lane of a Mercedes Benz truck heading north at 105 kilometers per hour. Maybe he didn't see it, or thought he could outrun it; no one will ever know. »
« County Attorney Claire McCaskill sums up: "We are determined to get cops out of cars and prosecutors out of courtrooms, and to tackle the problem like never before. »
« Other manufacturers assembled the parts for the cars, but he wanted to go straight back to the land; to extract from the deposits the raw materials that went into his vehicles. »
« By the end of March 1904, the Ford Motor Company had sold 658 cars, at the starting price of $750 each. »
« Henry Ford's early cars, like all other automobiles produced in the early years of this century, were assembled from the beginning in logical, cost-saving stages. »
« In an exclusive scoop, we show you what flying cars look like and how they drive. »
« Five years later he founded a company that would manufacture cars based on his own designs. »
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