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Example sentences and phrases with the word painting and other words derived from it.

« She loved poetry and painting, and had a reputation for compassion. If she adopted a kitten, she chose the ugliest of the litter. »
« Take up some activity, such as knitting or painting, that can't be done while eating, advises John Foreyt, a Houston medical school professor. »
« Botticelli even included himself in the painting; his self-portrait is the figure on the far right of the painting. »
« Despite the abundance of biblical scenes in Renaissance painting, no attempt was made to depict people as they might have appeared at the time. Instead, the paintings projected the world of the popoli grossi (wealthy people) back in time, sometimes even including portraits of actual important Italians. »
« Thus Botticelli's painting completely rejected the asceticism associated with Christian piety during the Middle Ages, suggesting instead a kind of joyful sensuality. »
« Philosophy, for example, was represented in Gustav Klimt's 1907 painting by a column of naked, wretched figures clinging to each other over a starry abyss, with a sinister, translucent face visible in the background. »
« The famous character in The Scream, cowering in fear under a blood-coloured sky, perfectly expressed the feelings of Norwegians, for on the morning of the day the painting was stolen, 12 February 1994, the Winter Olympics were due to open in nearby Lillehammer and everyone's eyes were on their country. »
« In the following days, the National Gallery and the police received several phone calls from supposed intermediaries claiming to be able to recover the stolen painting. They all turned out to be fiascos. For Leif Lier, deputy chief of police in charge of crime investigation in Oslo, this was very frustrating. »
« The message found on the card suggested that the thieves of the painting were Norwegians, but there were no sure clues. »
« The custom of face and body painting had a religious significance long before it became a social convention reserved exclusively - or almost exclusively - for women. »

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