6 sentences with 'notice'

Example sentences and phrases with the word notice and other words derived from it.

« Perhaps they simply did not notice. Only one thing is certain: they violated the first commandment of the motorist crossing a railroad track: stop, look and listen. »
« In the late afternoon, the office staff would notice Henry Ford coming into his apartment to examine the desks. »
« They didn't notice a cougar lurking in the dense undergrowth nearby. »
« Attention: It is possible that after the first few applications of this cream you may notice a slight resurgence of skin impurities: this phenomenon is transitory and should not lead you to interrupt the treatment. »
« And then the KGB first took notice of its future spy, Arne Treholt. »
« Julie Andrews is more than a sweet voice and a beautiful face, but it took Hollywood almost 20 years to notice. »

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