10 sentences with 'very'

Example sentences and phrases with the word very and other words derived from it.

« I was very surprised when all the symptoms disappeared after a few months. »
« Russo explained that, although I had a dangerous cancer, it was very likely that it had not yet reached the surface of the prostate. »
« The determining factor, the doctor continued, was that the prostate was very large. »
« He, very stoic, concentrated even more on the task. »
« However, Hana insisted that it was very important for her to talk to him, so she set to work to bring something to the meeting. »
« I'm going to have to be very nice to Mari. »
« One of them wrote: "I would venture to conjecture that this is a very young writer, and that he will die mad before he reaches 30 years of age." »
« Carrie Kipling later wrote that he looked very smart and dashing when he asked them to convey his affection to his father, who was already in French territory. »
« I loved her very much, and yet I resent her for letting herself be defeated; I think that's what caused her death. »
« Their courtship was very simple: long walks, sustained glances, spaghetti dinners in cheap restaurants. »
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