6 sentences with «youngest»

« He was the youngest of four children; a cheerful, energetic child. »
« Tired after rowing all day, Thom Delventhal smiled at his wife, Tracy, who was playing with his youngest. »
« My Aunt Laurie, the youngest of seven siblings, is only a little older than several of her nieces and nephews. »
« At that moment, tall, burly purser Simon Rogers, who at 29 was the youngest of the crew, had already come forward from the galley behind to join Ogden and Heward. Huddled in that cramped space in the cockpit, the three men again tried to free the captain trapped in the window, but to no avail. »
« Before the youngest of my four children was born, Dad died and Mom took over the cabin. I went to live far away. »
« In 1943, my brother John, then 17, joined the British Royal Navy. Unknown to him, my mother wrote to the Ministry of the Navy to ask that her youngest son not be sent to sea. »

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