9 sentences with 'noticed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word noticed and other words derived from it.

« On the way to my office, I noticed the vigor of my steps. »
« During my recovery I have noticed other things. »
« Talking about your goals will get you noticed in your job, but then you will have to prove yourself. »
« We noticed that the dog had a whiter nose and that sometimes, when we tapped him on his right side, he would let out a whimper of pain. »
« On the spot she noticed that Jon had talent, discipline and what a music teacher might only discover in a student once in a lifetime: a great passion for his instrument. »
« Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the reassuring presence of his parents and Marina, who waved to encourage him. »
« Then she noticed that her hair was burning down to her shoulders, and sparks were flying on her clothes. »
« Then he noticed that in addition to the ingrown scars that covered her neck and back, the little girl's shoulders were pulled upwards and she could not lift her left arm. »
« In the following days I noticed that he was no longer interested in birds; what the dog wanted was to run. »

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