8 sentences with 'good'

Example sentences and phrases with the word good and other words derived from it.

« I had taken good care of myself all my life, and even though I was about to turn 60, people always told me I looked much younger. »
« I was also uncertain whether I would have 10 or 20 good years of life left if I chose to stay as I was. One doctor calls this "the diabolical decision." »
« He said yes, and I thought that was another good reason to have the surgery as soon as possible. »
« "That's good, but when the group starts relying exclusively on talent and neglects expertise, undesirable things happen." »
« Jim smiled and replied, "That's good, and will you let me read it? »
« Any time is a good time to laugh. »
« -Eat, Tony, eat! -Nader Ali repeats to me. Radishes are good for digestion. »
« She wasn't very good at sports, but was happy to sign up for teams. "I'm more of a social jock," she explained. »

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