7 sentences with 'key'

Example sentences and phrases with the word key and other words derived from it.

« The key is to know when to stop. »
« In his drive to produce the car "for all the people," Henry Ford had turned a gigantic key, which gave him access to a magical new world. »
« The key to this practice in social management lay in the careful distinction between basic pay and profit sharing. The Ford employee could only count on that bonus if he could prove that he would save it, or invest it in such a way that it would be beneficial to him and his family. »
« The homeopathic idea that the body holds the key to curing disease also influenced the spirit of the creators of other alternative therapeutic disciplines. »
« When considering ideal nutrition, a number of key elements should be taken into account. »
« Norway is known as "the key to the North". »
« The key to positive procrastination lies in harnessing, for useful purposes, this creative ability to shirk responsibility. »

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