7 sentences with 'leaned'

Example sentences and phrases with the word leaned and other words derived from it.

« As he propped his feet up on the dashboard and leaned his head down to reduce the shock, Mike had to fight against an encroaching darkness. »
« In the recovery room, Dr. Canter leaned over his patient. -Can you hear me, Chris? -he asked. »
« Dr. Ransohoff leaned back in his chair, and said, "Do it. »
« With gallant daring, he leaned outward and stretched his body upside down, almost touching the ground at every turn, as he strove to keep the car firmer on the track. »
« When they were in front of the mayor, who was tall and had the good-natured air of a grandfather, Lim leaned over to greet Rona, and was immediately captivated by the girl's smiling gaze. »
« The firefighters leaned a ladder against the wooden structure, and 26-year-old Marcus Reddick climbed up ten feet to the third floor. »
« Two figures emerged from the shadows and leaned a ladder against a wall of the National Gallery in Oslo. One of them climbed up, smashed a window and pulled out a painting. Then they vanished again, but among the broken glass they left a postcard that read: "Thank you for the security". »

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