8 sentences with 'game'

Example sentences and phrases with the word game and other words derived from it.

« Chris attended every Little League baseball game David played in, and he wanted to play baseball when he grew up, too. »
« -Now let's play a game," the doctor suggested. See if you can wiggle your toes. »
« On a cloudy December afternoon, Cora Amburn-Lijek stared fastidiously at a board game in the Sheardowns' hideout. »
« Matt had already practiced this dangerous game; car surfing consisting of riding perched on the outside of the vehicle, and had even told his younger sister how exciting he found it. »
« "Young people need to understand that car surfing a deadly game, where ten seconds of stupidity can cost them their lives." »
« It was not an elaborate game: anyone who wanted to "get" something from the royal government (e.g. have a son appointed as an army officer, join an elite royal academy of scholars, secure a lucrative royal pension, serve as a diplomat abroad, etc.) had to convince the king and his officials that he was witty, poised, elegant and respected at court. »
« The abuses of the church, the ignorance of the nobility, even the injustices of kings might be fair game for criticism, but none of the best-known philosophers called for the equivalent of a political revolution. »
« Persia was saved from royal invasion in large part because of what one British diplomat called the "great game": the battle for influence in the region in the name of preserving British dominance over India on the one hand, against the expansion of Russian power on the other. Neither European power would allow the other to actually take control of Persia as a result. »

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