11 sentences with 'kings'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kings and other words derived from it.

« Although tradition presents them as kings, no one really knows who these magi were, nor from what place in the "East" they came. »
« Many venture the hypothesis that the kings of the Nile, the Egyptians, are direct descendants of the Atlanteans who managed to flee. »
« Meanwhile, the early kings were almost certainly war leaders who led their city-states against rival city-states and foreign invaders. »
« Kings had replaced priests as rulers around 3000 BCE, though in all cases kings were closely linked to the power of the priesthood. »
« The kings of Ur III were very adept at playing their civic and military leaders off against each other, appointing generals to lead troops in other cities and ensuring that each governor's power depended on his loyalty to the king. »
« This chapter will use the term "king" for the kings of Egypt leading into the New Kingdom, and then "pharaoh" for the rulers of the New Kingdom to reflect the correct usage of the term. »
« The Old Kingdom represented a long and unbroken line of kings who presided over the first full flowering of Egyptian culture, architecture and prosperity. »
« The Old Kingdom was stable and powerful, though its kings did not use that power to expand their borders beyond Egypt itself. »
« The pharaohs of the New Kingdom communicated with the kings and queens of the Hittite Empire and the rulers of the Kassites and Assyrians; it was normal for rulers to refer to each other as 'brother' or 'sister'. »
« Their style of rule is well known because their kings built themselves huge monuments in which they boasted about the lands they conquered and the tribute they exacted along the way. »
« Under the leadership of their kings, however, the Hebrews drove back the Philistines and eventually defeated them completely. »

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