9 sentences with 'earth'

Example sentences and phrases with the word earth and other words derived from it.

« According to the Bible, the seas, the earth, the fruit trees and the grasses were created on the third day, but not the whales. »
« Suddenly the earth opened up in Timanfaya, about 11 kilometers from the village of Yaiza. From the depths emerged a huge mountain, which spat fire and burned for 19 days... »
« Lightning has been known to tear holes in the earth three meters in diameter and split huge boulders in two. »
« Mesopotamia has the distinction of being the first place on earth where the development of agriculture led to the emergence of the essential technologies of civilisation. »
« Mesopotamian cities always had walls, some of which were 30 feet high and 60 feet wide, essentially huge mounds of earth reinforced with bricks. »
« The Egyptians themselves called the Nile valley "Kemet", the Black Earth, because of the annually renewed black earth that came with the flood. »
« The Egyptian religion of the Old Kingdom had emphasised life on earth; although the pyramids were tombs built to house the kings and the things they would need on their journey to the afterlife, there are no records with details of how most people would fare after death. »
« In short, nowhere else on earth could the pyramids have been built more than in ancient Egypt. There had to be a gigantic surplus of energy in the form of calories available to do so. »
« For the Greek humanists, human beings were not put on earth to suffer by cruel gods, but were brought into the spark of divine creativity. »

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