6 sentences with 'judge'

Example sentences and phrases with the word judge and other words derived from it.

« Samson, famous for his strength, was a judge who led Israel in their fight against the Philistines, but he was not related to King David. »
« After death, the soul would be brought before a judge of the gods, who would weigh the heart on a scale against the ideals of harmony and order. »
« Constantine allowed bishops to serve as official judges, giving Christians the ability to petition a bishop rather than a non-Christian judge in court. »
« Once in court, the judge saw my name at the top of his list of the day's litigation and called out my name. »
« As the judge pronounced Enger's sentence of more than six years, the thug threw a pitcher of water against a wall of the courtroom... and let out a scream. »
« The judge sentenced him to 21 days in a psychiatric institution, but due to administrative failures and miscommunication, he was released. »

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