8 sentences with 'jumped'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jumped and other words derived from it.

« Sensing that something was wrong, my dog jumped to his feet, ready for action. »
« The dog jumped out of Dorothy's arms and ran to the bow to join in the action. »
« He ran to her, jumped into her arms and licked her face effusively. »
« "He jumped into the car and... bam, there goes the other door. There goes the windshield! Now he jumps into the back seat and starts banging on the hood... »
« Today the world is terrified by a retrovirus discovered in the 1980s, which may have jumped to humans from some animal species (it is distantly related to one that affects African green monkeys); it is the cause of the disease called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. »
« When he had reached about 150 kilometers per hour, he lost control of the car, which jumped the highway dividing strip and went into the oncoming lanes. »
« Three young men loaded sacks with their belongings into the vehicle and then jumped in. »
« Then a man who was also awaiting trial jumped up from his seat and exclaimed, "I want that lawyer to defend me! »

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