6 sentences with 'quietly'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quietly and other words derived from it.

« It was a man who had quietly paddled up to us. »
« But there are also some that adapt quietly and are transmitted from parents to offspring for millions of years, until something, such as the arrival of a new gene from another species, activates them. »
« Gendun quietly encouraged her friend, but Lobsang fell further and further behind. Dorje stopped the group. »
« That's not fair," Lori protested quietly. Chelsey's not normal, her fingers are stuck together. The little girl looked from the peas to the jar several times. Then she put her right hand to her mouth, licked her fingertips, touched a pea with one finger, and then rubbed it against the rim of the jar. The pea fell in. Almost unable to contain her laughter, Lori asked, "Did it pass? »
« As they put on their coats, Walker said quietly to Roberts, "Get in touch with Butler as soon as you can. »
« He had been travelling quietly at 100 kilometres per hour without seeing any cars behind him when, suddenly, a red jeep in the left lane and a white Beretta car moving at the same pace in the right lane appeared out of nowhere. »

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