7 sentences with «joy»

« With so much joy in our hearts, there was no need for champagne. »
« Her heart filled with joy, she thanked God for this great blessing. »
« However, all the joy in the world could not erase the painful traces of her injuries. »
« Pain, sorrow and joy, the full range of affections, memories and nostalgia, imagination, creativity and the ability to formulate concepts of the highest level of abstraction as well as love, reverie and instinctive reactions of defence or attack, all spring, in a more or less primitive or sublimated form, from the brain and its multitude of auxiliary organs. »
« Suddenly, the boy's cries of pain turned to voices of joy. Free at last! »
« When the doctor put her in my belly, Brian and I cried tears of joy. »
« So much magic and beauty fills me with joy. »

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