10 sentences with 'volcanoes'

Example sentences and phrases with the word volcanoes and other words derived from it.

« The more than 300 craters of extinct volcanoes that dot the island give it the appearance of a lunar landscape. »
« Four months later, Voyager II returned to the same area that had been photographed: six of the volcanoes were still violently active and two more had erupted. »
« So why are there no volcanoes on the Moon like Jupiter's satellite lo? Because Io's orbital position is elliptical, which causes the distance from Jupiter to vary. This variation causes the satellite to bend. The bending causes friction. Friction creates heat. As a result of this initial bending and the process that follows, the temperature of the satellite increases. In addition, scientists have discovered that neighbouring satellites slowly change their orbit, which also causes the interior of the satellite to heat up. »
« A last glimpse of Mars, before our final stopover, will reveal Mount Pavonis, one of Mars' minor volcanoes, on the Olympus Mons plateau. It is not active, but you can see high clouds of gas and several geysers rising into the reddish Martian sky, like a luminous festival of dancing waters. »
« Mount Pavonis, one of the smaller volcanoes, is not violently active, but noisy vents or gas clouds still emanate from it. »
« However, geologists and volcanologists have come up with a number of theories from which it is possible to predict where and how volcanoes will strike in the near future. »
« Today, progress has almost mastered water and air, but volcanoes can awaken at any time - even if they have slept for centuries - and there will be no way to prevent it: "Mother Earth" (as she was referred to and worshipped by Native Americans) continues to decide life and death. »
« The most dangerous volcanoes always arise in subduction zones, when plates collide, riding on top of each other. »
« Archaeobacteria can adapt to near-boiling water, sub-zero temperatures, hyper-salty or acidic water; they can even survive on the minerals spewed out by volcanoes. »
« Other natural sources of heat include active volcanoes, hot springs, etc. »

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