6 sentences with 'violent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word violent and other words derived from it.

« In 1974, the area where the most violent volcanic eruptions occurred was declared Timanfaya National Park. »
« Since then, criminal prosecutions have increased from 40 to more than 2,800 a year, and violent crime has dropped by a third. »
« Bennett's violent and protracted battle to keep the union out of Ford had failed, but it had also proved extremely satisfying for Henry Ford. »
« Bruising is the result of violent compression of the soft tissue between the bone and another hard surface, such as the edge of a door. This causes bleeding without breaking the skin. »
« With a few violent exceptions, no major incursions were able to cross the Sinai, and consequently contact with Mesopotamian and Near Eastern cultures was limited. »
« The first step towards violent revolution in the Roman Republic was the work of the Gracchus brothers - historically remembered as the Gracchi. »
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