Sentences with 'biosphere'

Example sentences and phrases with the word biosphere and other words derived from it.

« Although UNESCO declared the island a biosphere reserve, the authorities intend to substantially increase the number of beds in several resorts in the south. »
« We are a young species, but we already know that the Earth is a hotel. Natural resources are depleting, the biosphere is under pressure from billions of people, one fifth of whom exploit 90 per cent of the energy and two thirds of whom are too desperate for shelter and food not to sweep the forests or poison the air, the rivers, the seas. »
« The biosphere (from bios: life) which is all the living matter on the planet and is made up of plants, animals and humans. »
« The beings belonging to the biosphere can live in the soil, in the air or in the water and have several common characteristics: » - 1998 - 2022