6 sentences with «judges»

« Along with their superiors, they urged judges to create a youth offender watch squad and impose tougher rules. »
« It took the judges a long week to announce the 12 semi-finalists, among whom was Jon. »
« Constantine allowed bishops to serve as official judges, giving Christians the ability to petition a bishop rather than a non-Christian judge in court. »
« In France, a series of kings named Philip (I to IV) ruled from 1060 to 1314, building a strong administrative apparatus complete with royal judges who were directly beholden to the crown. »
« The judges of the Star Court were royal officials appointed by Henry, and regularly used torture to extract confessions from the accused. »
« The Church of England was the nominal church of the whole realm, and only Anglicans could hold public office as judges or members of the British parliament, a legislative body dominated by the landed gentry. »

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