10 sentences with 'volunteer'

Example sentences and phrases with the word volunteer and other words derived from it.

« In two years, volunteer investigators reduced auto thefts by 43 percent in Mira Mesa, prompting police to expand the program citywide. »
« There he told Walter Yates, the sheriff's deputy, who called three volunteer firemen to go with him up the mountain. »
« Dwayne's trunk rested on the shoulders of Jeff Romines, a volunteer firefighter at Pilot Knob, who had positioned himself under the rocky ledge. »
« Two volunteer firefighters stood by his side, ready to pull him up the instant the boulder lifted. »
« Throughout Greece, polis first adopted the practice of state-funded standing armies, rather than volunteer citizen soldiers. »
« Previously, a citizen had to be wealthy enough to volunteer for city government, which meant that almost all farmers and small merchants were cut off from direct political power. »
« As soon as he published his project in Rotary Norden, ten doctors contacted him to volunteer. That was the turning point of the mission. »
« To decide where to send the volunteer doctors, Braw contacted the Swedish Mission Council, which coordinates various missionary groups, and found out which hospitals were most in need of doctors. »
« The founding volunteer was Hakan Simonsson, a 58-year-old paediatrician based in Ystad, Sweden. In 1988 he left for the Emkuzweni Health Centre in Swaziland, where he stayed for six weeks, treating an average of 40 patients a day. »
« The dog handler was a volunteer member of the Santa Clara County Police Station's search and rescue squad, with which he had worked for more than 15 years, eight of them with his dog Sahho. »

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