5 sentences with «vehicles»

« The Retired Volunteers patrol is made up of 750 citizens who, in vehicles with official identification, prowl the streets, stake out shopping center parking lots, and check temporarily uninhabited homes to deter burglars. »
« However, another police contingent, with 20 vehicles, is located about 100 meters from there, on Albrecht Tischbein Street, waiting for orders since 8:30. »
« If you try to do so, we will attack you and your vehicles," they threaten. »
« As the faster cars passed Canipe, Narkey Terry pulled in behind the Beretta and stuck so close to it that he barely left a gap between the two vehicles. It was an aggressive way of responding to Canipe's dangerous snail's pace, and the first act of a tense drama. »
« The initial letter "X" for the NASP experimental model is the acronym for all experimental air vehicles. The direct predecessor of the X-30 is the X-15, but there were many other experimental models before it in the history of aviation. »

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