6 sentences with «kissed»

« Beahm kissed her goodbye and left at the crack of dawn. »
« One morning, a few months later, I kissed Sarah on the head and noticed a salty taste. »
« Carla immediately got out of the car and, with great relief and joy, hugged and kissed her son. »
« We walked hand in hand and, when we reached the car, she came up to me to be kissed. I gladly obliged. But it was only a moment of solace: I was only a friend and never managed to occupy an important place in her heart. »
« That morning, as always, she kissed and hugged her three young children goodbye and, before leaving, she gave her husband, Steven, one last kiss. »
« The next day I held little Ariel in my arms. I kissed her once, and kissed her again on behalf of her grandfather. But I only stayed for an hour. I felt restless away from my husband Milt. »

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