8 sentences with 'those'

Example sentences and phrases with the word those and other words derived from it.

« Whether or not those symptoms came from my illness, my body had been trying to tell me something, and I had stubbornly refused to listen. »
« She is not an annoying woman, but those spectral figures in wheelchairs represented everything she feared for me and, no doubt, for herself. »
« It was supposed to be impossible to save those nerves, but Dr. Walsh discovered a way to take advantage of the fact that they were attached to a membrane outside the prostate, and in 1982 he removed a patient's gland without damaging the nerve fiber bands. »
« Boone knew the hospital still had one of those old-fashioned instruments. »
« The happiest old people are those who are still lively and active. »
« And for many, those dreams are coming true. »
« Despite the daring of those physicians of yesteryear, brain operations were unpredictable in outcome, and often fatal. Of all the operations performed to remove a brain tumor, only five percent were successful. »
« -I don't think he survived those waves and then swam until dawn," I said bluntly. »
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