5 sentences with 'parked'

Example sentences and phrases with the word parked and other words derived from it.

« Debbie recognized Don's truck parked near the entrance. »
« He motioned to the Americans, who were waiting in a car parked in front of the passenger terminal, and the six got out, nervously clutching their suitcases. »
« After nearly an hour's drive, he and Ulving parked in the driveway of the former's summer home. Cautiously, Constable Roberts checked all the rooms: no one was there. »
« As she walked there she noticed a car half-hidden in the gloom parked directly in front of the bathroom. »
« So it is likely that, in the years to come, more than a few people will have their own pedal-powered aeroplane parked in their garage. Actually, it is called Daedalus. »

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