7 sentences with 'journey'

Example sentences and phrases with the word journey and other words derived from it.

« The next week was the longest journey of my life. »
« In June, Rona and her mother left the hospital with some medicine for her wounds and made the long journey home. »
« A journey through the complex streets of the human mind is an inexhaustible adventure: luminous answers or new and terrible questions can be found around every corner. »
« The followers of Osiris said that the solar journey was only a means to reach the territory of the God-King, where they were put on trial and stayed eternally. »
« During this period, they said, they underwent a journey to the other world and were attacked by demons and ancestral spirits, as well as being exposed to extreme torture. »
« The purpose of the pyramids was to house the king with all the luxuries and equipment he would need on his journey to the afterlife, as well as to celebrate the king's legacy and memory. »
« Critics claimed that it was impossible for him to have gone as far north as he claimed, because northern Greece was quite cold and there was no way humans could live further north than that. In practice, despite Pytheas' journey, the Greek world would still be defined by the shores of the Mediterranean. »

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