8 sentences with 'keys'

Example sentences and phrases with the word keys and other words derived from it.

« She watched as his little fingers rested on the keys and his feet dangled away from the pedals. »
« Jon's fingers rested on the keys and, as he played the difficult concerto, euphoria washed over him. »
« Secondly, there was a doctrinal link with the apostle Peter, who was supposed to have been given the symbolic keys of heaven directly from Christ, which in turn were passed on to his successor in Rome (the archbishop of Rome) before he was crucified. »
« Roman archbishops could thus argue that the Christian church itself was centred in Rome, and that they inherited the spiritual keys of heaven upon taking office - this concept was known as the "Petrine Succession". »
« Concerned that the boy was spending too much time fixing the car, his father told him that if he didn't maintain a good average in school, he would take away his keys. »
« When my husband and I arrived at the car dealership to pick up our new car, we were told that the keys had been inadvertently locked inside the vehicle. »
« Training the brain, expanding it: these are the keys to a better life, the scientific community almost coincidentally assures us. Of course, it's not that easy. »
« Explain the meaning of this formula: 36n + 52b = 88t. This is the shorthand description of a piano: 36 black keys plus 52 white keys. »
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