8 sentences with 'note'

Example sentences and phrases with the word note and other words derived from it.

« When Jon played the last note, the audience rose to their feet and applauded with great excitement. »
« - Cities: note that in English, the very word "civilisation" is closely related to the word "civic", meaning "having to do with cities" as in "civic government" or "civic duty". »
« Finally, a note on the type of history covered in this textbook is in order. »
« It is therefore important to note that the original heart of Western Civilisation was not in Greece or anywhere else in Europe, but in the Middle East and North Africa. »
« A note on chronology: the city of Çatal Höyük discussed above existed more than four thousand years before the first great cities of Mesopotamia. »
« Also, a note on nomenclature: the term 'pharaoh' means 'great house', the term used for the royal palace and its vast supporting bureaucracy. It came to be used to refer to the king himself from the New Kingdom period onwards; it would be like the American president being called "the White House" in everyday language. »
« A note of caution in discussing this change: iron was very difficult to work compared to bronze, and its use spread slowly. »
« Alexander the Great immediately embarked on his father's mission to attack Persia, leading a relatively small army (of about 45,000 men) into Persian territory - note how much smaller this army was than the Persian army had been a century earlier, when Xerxes I had invaded with over 200,000 soldiers. »

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