6 sentences with 'gold'

Example sentences and phrases with the word gold and other words derived from it.

« Jon's eyes filled with tears as he knew then that the gold medal was for him. »
« Coffee traffickers: gold, precious stones and even drugs are overshadowed by coffee, the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. »
« "I don't know if this bracelet is pure gold," Ms. Kelly commented. "But these boys sure are." »
« Suddenly, the lid popped off and a bag full of gold jewelry and a rolex watch fell out of the can. »
« The kingdom of Nubia was rich in gold, ivory and slaves, taken from neighbouring lands, making it a rich and powerful place in its own right. »
« In about 650 BC, the Lydians came up with the idea of using pieces of gold and silver that had a standard weight. They soon formalised the system by stamping marks on the lumps to create the first real (though crude) coins, called staters. »

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