8 sentences with 'village'

Example sentences and phrases with the word village and other words derived from it.

« Suddenly the earth opened up in Timanfaya, about 11 kilometers from the village of Yaiza. From the depths emerged a huge mountain, which spat fire and burned for 19 days... »
« He was born in Dearborn, a village that is now a suburb nestled in the western section of Detroit. »
« Opened in 1929, the village was the forerunner of America's industrial theme parks. »
« So, for not entirely rational reasons, she decided to take her daughter to the village of Bato, about six hours' walk away, where there was a small hospital. He wanted at least one doctor to confirm that the girl had perished. Yes, he said to himself, I will go as soon as the sun rises. »
« The two then headed back to Santiago village along a winding road of sharp rocks and deep ruts formed by the rains. »
« In Papworth Everard, a village west of Cambridge, England, the renowned British heart surgeon John Wallwork recently carried out a fascinating experiment: he fitted a 62-year-old man with a metal heart. This artificial prosthesis will not be replaced by a human heart because the aim of the doctors is that it can remain beating forever. »
« In the village of Biongue, an hour's drive from Jamba, a crowd erupts in exuberant dancing to welcome me. The chief, with only one leg, dances on his crutches. »
« To serve on the governing council of a small town or village required an annual income of 100,000 sesterces. »

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