6 sentences with 'adaptation'

Example sentences and phrases with the word adaptation and other words derived from it.

« That steam engine was an adaptation of the vertical boilers used by farmers to move small machinery. »
« Many of these tales, from Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella, are better known in American culture thanks to their adaptation as animated films by Walt Disney in the 20th century, but they were already famous in the mid-19th century. »
« Nevertheless, Darwin's theory was the first to systematically explain the existence of fossils and biological adaptation on the basis of hard evidence. »
« Camels have developed a very high degree of adaptation to desert conditions. »
« The inhabitants of desert areas would be surprised by the incredible possibilities offered by their relationship with camels, which have amazing mechanisms of adaptation to the hostile environment in which they live; and they could never suspect that, in the camel, the solution to the problem that has always burdened desert populations: hunger. »
« It is estimated that this biological adaptation occurred millions of years ago and it is thought that this species may be one of the oldest in the world. »

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