6 sentences with 'vain'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vain and other words derived from it.

« The doctor had given his patient a few years of life, and he was convinced that the girl had not lived in vain. »
« But his apprenticeship in Detroit had not been in vain. »
« Another famous group, the Luddites, destroyed factory equipment in a vain attempt to turn back the clock of industrialisation and return to the manual labour of artisans. »
« Meanwhile, while Sultan Abdulhamit hoped in vain that doubling down on his own role as sultan and caliph would somehow see the empire through its period of weakness, other Ottoman elites came to very different conclusions. »
« In 1915, in a vain attempt to break the stalemate, both sides began using poison gas, which was utterly horrific, burning the lungs, eyes and skin of the combatants. The survivors of the poison gas attacks were considered the unfortunate ones. »
« Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Menachem Begin of Israel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978. Israel invaded southern Lebanon in June 1982, and there were many who called for Begin's award to be rescinded. All in vain, however, as the selection committee deliberates behind closed doors and has always refused to alter its decisions. »
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