7 sentences with 'yards'

Example sentences and phrases with the word yards and other words derived from it.

« But, after three laps, Winton was already at least 300 yards ahead, and the race seemed to be decided. At that, Henry Ford began to catch up. »
« What tailor makes a shirt out of eleven yards? »
« But then I panicked and thought I should discuss the matter with Al, who was about 45 yards ahead of me letting out cowboy yells like " Yi-ja! " and " Ya-ju!" »
« I touched my horse's flanks and was soon within a few yards of Al. »
« The French controlled the towns and most of the villages, but even a few yards beyond the outskirts of a French camp they could fall victim to a sudden ambush. »
« As they charged, the enemy simply opened fire with impunity from their trenches, and without exception no offensive captured a significant amount of territory between 1915 and early 1917. For example, a British attack in 1915 temporarily gained 1,000 yards at the cost of 13,000 lives. »
« Fifteen officers led by area supervisor Sgt. Art Flores began searching for Edwin. They knocked on doors, searched yards and even looked in the bushes. Two hours later, the boy was still missing. »

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