10 sentences with 'victory'

Example sentences and phrases with the word victory and other words derived from it.

« He never bragged about a victory or whined about a defeat. »
« It was a magnificent and memorable victory, well deserved. »
« The games sought, in the words of one Greek poet, "either the crown of victory or death" (admittedly, that poet indulged in some hyperbole, since there is no evidence that defeated athletes actually committed suicide). »
« Whatever the actual number, it was a crushing victory for the Athenians. »
« A later (almost certainly fabricated) account of the aftermath of the battle claimed that Philipides was sent back to Athens, still on the march, to report the victory. He collapsed dead of exhaustion, but in the process ran the first "marathon". »
« It is quite possible that, despite this victory, the Greeks would still have been overwhelmed by the Persians had it not been for the setbacks in Persia and its empire. »
« After his victories, King Pyrrhus made a comment that "one more victory of this kind will undo me", which led to the phrase "Pyrrhic victory", meaning a temporary victory that ultimately means defeat, or winning the battle but losing the war. »
« The Romans created a myth to commemorate their victory, claiming that they had "ploughed the earth with salt" in Carthage so that nothing would ever grow there again, which was not literally true, but served as a useful legend as the Romans further expanded their territories. »
« After Lucius Cornelius Sulla's final victory, he had thousands of Marius' supporters executed. »
« The Mamluk victory did not represent the final defeat of the Mongol horde as a whole, only a check on Mongol expansion in one corner of the vast Mongol empire. »

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