7 sentences with 'ultimate'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ultimate and other words derived from it.

« Moreover, he never lost sight of the ultimate goal: a machine that would be both the simplest and the most refined automobile ever built. »
« The pyramids are justly famous as the ultimate example of Egyptian prosperity and ingenuity. »
« Most church leaders saw no theological problem with this practice, arguing that the ultimate goal was the salvation of souls through conversion, so it made perfect sense to use existing holy days and rituals to ease the transition of new converts to Christianity. »
« Peter Abelard focused on the use and application of reason to faith - he believed that ultimate truth could and should sustain a reasoned investigation of its precepts, a stance that got him into considerable trouble with some Church leaders. »
« Abelard's view was that educated Christians should challenge their own beliefs and try to understand them; for him, since Christians were certain that the Bible would always be the ultimate source of truth, their own attempts to understand its apparent contradictions and ambiguities only strengthened the Christian religion as a whole. »
« Here, the Medici in Florence are the ultimate example: there was a tremendous effort on the part of the rich and powerful to invest in the city in the form of building and art projects. This was linked to family prestige, of course, but it was also a sincere dedication to the household, analogous to today's concept of patriotism. »
« Napoleon's ultimate goal was to conquer not only Russia, but also the European part (i.e. Greece and the Balkans) of the Ottoman Empire. »

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