7 sentences with 'utopian'

Example sentences and phrases with the word utopian and other words derived from it.

« The New York Times condemned it as "clearly utopian," while The Wall Street Journal accused Ford of committing "nonsense, if not economic crimes." »
« Ill-conceived, utopian and naive, the expedition ended in a real fiasco and ridicule, although it cost Ford almost half a million dollars. »
« Although Kant's essay probably exaggerated the utopian qualities of the thinking of his time, he was right that it corresponded to a major shift in the way educated Europeans thought about the world and the place of humans in it. »
« Young Italy was one of many "Young Europeans" (e.g. young Germany, young Ireland) who shared this essentially optimistic, even utopian, outlook. »
« Nationalism in 1914 was nothing like the optimistic, utopian movements of the 19th century; it was hostile, fearful and aggressive. »
« Even in the capitalist countries of the West, intellectuals, students and workers were often sympathetic to communism as well, despite the apparent mismatch between the utopian promise of Marxism and the reality of a police state in the USSR. »
« While the somewhat utopian goal of a truly united third world proved as elusive as that of the United States of Africa, the real and significant effect of the conference (and the continuing meetings of the non-aligned movement) was at the United Nations. »
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