8 sentences with «question»

« He said that was a difficult question to answer. »
« The question seemed to surprise him, and he replied that no way, he would be happy to operate on me. »
« If necessary, they would also question his wife and neighbors to make sure that he was not squandering his share of Ford's profits on extravagance and disorderly living. »
« I saw the question vividly exemplified during my recent expedition to the Danube. »
« What happens at death? The mother question of life - if this qualification is allowed - now throws up surprising reflections and opens new doors that clarify, even if only a little, the great mystery of mysteries. »
« The inevitable question is whether so much bat culture has a practical angle or is just for show in the drawing rooms of some Transylvanian counts, the kind who shoot garlic and don't reflect in mirrors. Well, this information is silver in hand. »
« Now, the question for the jackpot: will we ever be able to use echolocation to "see"? Radar and sonar, sensors that work by picking up echoes (radio in one case, sound in the other) are not visual per se, but could be with the right software. »
« But he had a question to ask them: How could he communicate with Cherry and Bartek? »

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