7 sentences with 'join'

Example sentences and phrases with the word join and other words derived from it.

« The moment he saw the backpack, he would smile and hurry to join his offspring. »
« At about 11:55 a.m., the executives invited to join him for lunch would begin to gather in the management dining room and chat about inconsequential matters until the stroke of noon, when Ford would enter the room. »
« When they start shuffling in the grass, I think we could play ball or hide-and-seek, and I immediately join them in banishment and find some amusement for them. »
« All of Egypt's pyramids were built during the Old Kingdom, and their purpose was to house the bodies of kings so that their spirits could travel to the land of the dead and join their fellow gods in the afterlife (thus maintaining maat - sacred order and balance). »
« Alexander the Great maintained the Persian bureaucracy (like the organisation of the satrapies) and recruited thousands of Persian soldiers to join his campaign as his armies moved further east. »
« Locals began to join the army and, if they were lucky, eventually returned with money and land to show for it. »
« A worshipper could join multiple mystery religions, chanting songs and prayers and participating in rituals in the hope of securing good fortune and wealth in life and the possibility of spiritual immortality after death. »

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