9 sentences with 'union'

Example sentences and phrases with the word union and other words derived from it.

« They believed that union organizers were sinister manipulators misleading the honest, ordinary working people of America: and, indeed, such was Henry Ford's belief. "In reality, they are nothing but tools in the hands of the chief exploiters," he once declared. »
« But, on Henry's return home, Clara asked him for a report on the union affair. »
« The reason sex is so intense is that it is the way we come closest to total union with another being. »
« According to the Gospels, Jesus was the son of the miraculous union of the Holy Spirit, one of the aspects of the Jewish God Yahweh, and a virgin named Mary. »
« The Huns were believed to be so cruel and unstoppable that Germanic groups further west claimed they were the product of a union between demons and witches, rather than normal human beings. »
« Prussia began as the union of Brandenburg and the Duchy of Prussia, which eventually became one of the most powerful Germanic states. »
« In the same way, the Industrial Revolution was actually a union of different "revolutions" - technology initiated it, but the effects of those technological changes were economic and social. »
« In the German lands, it was not until the establishment of the Zollverein, a customs union, in 1834 that trade could flow freely enough to foster industrial growth in earnest. »
« Left to their own devices, Lenin argued, workers alone would always settle for slight improvements in their lives and working conditions (this he called "trade union consciousness") rather than recognising the need for large-scale revolutionary change. The vanguard party, however, could both instruct the workers and lead them in the creation of a new society. »
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