8 sentences with «violence»

« Enough violence and bloodshed had occurred. »
« Others were seeking an outlet in violence against foreigners. »
« They traded with their neighbours, and although there is evidence of violence (including human sacrifice) within Minoan society, there is no evidence of large-scale warfare, only passing references by the Mycenaeans to Minoan dominance of the seas. »
« Although the Shi'a rejected Uthman's authority in theory, there was still no open violence between the two factions within the wider Muslim community. »
« This system arose because of the absence of other, more effective forms of government and the constant threat of violence posed by invaders. »
« Post-Carolingian Europe was plunged into a period of disorder and violence that lasted until at least 1100 CE. »
« Although the specific invaders mentioned below had settled around 1000 CE, the general state of lawlessness and violence lasted for centuries. »
« One of the effects of this new approach was the numerous outbreaks of anti-Semitic violence in Europe; many Crusaders attacked Jewish communities in Europe as the Crusaders made their way to the Holy Land, and many kings and lords enacted anti-Semitic laws inspired by the new fervent and intolerant brand of Christian identity that emerged from the Crusades. »

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