10 sentences with 'liver'

Example sentences and phrases with the word liver and other words derived from it.

« Soon after, the cancer appeared in his liver. »
« But it is usually the liver that is most affected by alcohol. »
« Alcohol is chiefly responsible for fatty liver, necrosis, fibrosis and cirrhosis, with a fatal prognosis within five to ten years of illness. »
« Blood tests can detect liver damage in its early stages. The most common cause of such lesions is drinking too much alcohol, but they can also be caused by hepatitis B or other viral infections. »
« Any injury, infection or inflammation of the liver can lead to permanent liver damage. »
« Vitamin B9 (folic acid) supports liver activity and is crucial for cell division and for mental and emotional health. It is found in nuts, liver and green vegetables. »
« Vitamin K helps blood clotting, is vital for the liver, prevents excessive menstrual flow and is an important longevity factor. It is found in cauliflower, alfalfa, tomatoes, liver and meat in general. »
« Choline (amanitin) prevents fat accumulation in the liver, improves memory and the functioning of the liver and gall bladder. It is found in liver, egg yolk and red meat. »
« The components of some organs (heart, liver and kidneys) have a half-life of ten days. Within that time the components are dissolved and replaced by others; so on and so forth. »
« Bile is a yellowish fluid secreted by the liver of vertebrates, important in the process of fat digestion. »

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