10 sentences with 'kingdom'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kingdom and other words derived from it.

« One day, while passing through the Guo kingdom, Bian learned that the prince was unconscious and believed to be dead. »
« The kingdom of Osiris was an area of the Tuat called Sekhet Aaru. »
« Many Europeans in the Middle Ages came to believe that, although they spoke different languages and had different rulers, they were united as part of "Christendom": the kingdom of Christ and of Christians. »
« The Middle Kingdom was the next great Egyptian kingdom of the ancient world. »
« The ruler of the city of Thebes reunified the kingdom and established himself as the new king (Mentuhotep II, r. 2060 - 2010 BCE). »
« From the Middle Kingdom onwards, kings made a great effort to extend Egypt's power and influence beyond the traditional 'core' of the kingdom into Egypt itself. »
« While Assyria in northern Mesopotamia survived the collapse, it lost its territories in the south to Elan, a warlike kingdom based in present-day southern Iran. »
« Lydia, a kingdom in western Anatolia, controlled important sources of gold (giving rise to the Greek legend of King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold). »
« The Assyrians equipped their large armies with well-made iron weapons (they appear to be the first major kingdom to manufacture iron weapons in large numbers). »
« The Hebrews, a people who first created a kingdom in the ancient land of Canaan, were one of the most important cultures of the Western world, comparable to the ancient Greeks or Romans. »

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