7 sentences with 'thousand'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thousand and other words derived from it.

« Also five thousand years ago, but in Southwest Asia, another oriental discipline aimed at caring for the health of the people arose: Ayurveda or the science of life. »
« If the blood alcohol concentration is one gram of alcohol per thousand, one is drunk; »
« If the blood alcohol reaches five grams per thousand, alcoholic coma and death can occur when the brain centre that controls breathing is paralysed. »
« The Chinese, for example, two thousand years before Christ, had incorporated the discipline of gymnastics into the education of youth. »
« About three thousand years before Christ, the Chinese began to discover the properties of herbs and created the richest and most complete pharmacopoeia in the world. »
« Two and a half thousand years before Christ, the Greek historian Herodotus outlined a theory that is increasingly relevant today: lever systems and wooden rollers made it possible to move the stone blocks weighing more than 50 tons that form the skeleton of the pyramids. »
« From my Internet contact with the families of other patients, I knew that there were a thousand cases worse than ours. »

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