8 sentences with «just»

« I had just returned from lunch and sat down at the desk when the phone rang. »
« -The concentration is just over 22 nanograms," he said, and his voice sounded uneasy. »
« From now on I would just do what I could. »
« -I just got rid of my last $15 million," he said. It was all my money," he confided. »
« And just as disturbing was the fact that, with each faint heartbeat, the nail was puncturing the aorta again, like a woodpecker pecking at a tree. »
« Remember that there is just as much chance of failure by following the procedures of others. »
« Although Flora had just been promoted to management, he calmly explained why sales of gray paint would be higher. »
« At 20, Renee had just received her diploma from a vocational high school in Oxnard and planned to go into business administration. »

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