6 sentences with 'neighbour'

Example sentences and phrases with the word neighbour and other words derived from it.

« My neighbour didn't seem to be too bothered by the situation, until I asked him how his vegetables were doing. »
« An important neighbour of Egypt was the kingdom of Nubia to the south, in present-day Sudan. »
« Likewise, an unequivocal requirement imposed on Christians was love of neighbour, which meant in practice showing kindness and compassion to others, regardless of their social rank. Few concepts could have been more alien to Roman sensibilities. »
« Belgium's neighbour to the southwest, France, was comparatively slow to follow despite its large population and considerable overall wealth, however. »
« The 1980s and 1990s saw a botched Israeli invasion of Lebanon, a continuing Soviet military debacle in Afghanistan and a full-scale war between the new Islamic Republic of Iran and its neighbour, Iraq. »
« At that moment I noticed that my neighbour was watching us perplexed from his garden. »
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