7 sentences with 'knowledge'

Example sentences and phrases with the word knowledge and other words derived from it.

« But it was not until the end of the 19th century that this body of knowledge became a theory. »
« The American physician William Fitzgerald took this primitive knowledge and studied it in depth until he devised a theory that there are organ reflex zones in the hands and feet. »
« The Greeks and Romans inherited this Egyptian knowledge of the use of flower essences and used them extensively. »
« The Arabs bequeathed their pharmaceutical knowledge to us, as this medieval Bolognese manuscript shows. »
« Medieval alchemists such as Berzelius, Roger Bacon and others kept mentioning that their knowledge came from Atlantis and its mystical legacy. »
« The knowledge of the sacred formulas he offered - it was thought at the time - provided the dead with 'magical means' to enjoy an eternal life over which the sun god presided. At the same time, the texts deal with Osiris, an ancient mortuary god. »
« According to the accounts, in this new state of consciousness there is only love and knowledge, and except for some differences in form, they coincide with what all religions proclaim. The differences are only of interpretation. »

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